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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  April 10, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. the wait is over and you are looking at at&t park with the giants opening day hours array. we are live on the field with everything you need to know. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is steve mornings on 2 . >> hello. good morning i am dave clark. talking about the weather i was outside it is still chilly but steve paulson has it all under control. >> we had a little light rain up north in northern sonoma county and except for some morning clouds right now it is mostly cloudy but i think we will have some pretty rapid clearing with upper 50s and low 60s. there is a system that did produce some rain and it looks
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like not a lot left. the low clouds are still holding on as it moves across but not much of this system as it moves south. the next system is taking aim to the north on tuesday afternoon in the evening with lost altos 38 and even 38 up in truckee and 32 toward sacramento and otherwise on the cool side and for us look for us in the 50s and the 60s with this next system wanting to move north. it is 7:00 and monday traffic is doing what, allie ? >> it is behaving like monday traffic. let's show you the map because the commute is keep having issues. west of the bailey road offramp
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there was a crash that was tying things that you can see in the red congestion westbound and another wreck that popped up close to it westbound at the san marco offramp. that is impacting south on 680 there was an earlier crash and they moved it out of the way, but things are still very slow in that area. then moving over to 24 westbound through lafayette last week the schools in this area was on spring break and not everybody is back, and you can see that reflected toward the caldecott tunnel. the east shore freeway is recovering after the hercules offramp farther north of all of this but it is still a little bit slow getting to the toll plaza. things are slow to get onto this band looking at a 20
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minute delay to get to the toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. a man shot and killed after police officers son in a car with a gun. >> ktuv's chris has more. >> we have a new perspective on this incident you can see this is the area that investigator seem to be focusing on at this point we believe this work may be where the officers filed the shot and fremont police are telling of it all started around 11:35 last night when a regional police officer reported spotting a gun at a nearby 7-eleven. that officer called for backup and those officers arrived moments later saying one man from that car was on foot crossing the street heading toward the mall where we are located right now. officers found him in an alleyway behind it walgreens.
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both officers fired weapons and now cleveland police are telling us the shooting is still under investigation. >> right now this is an investigative operation and there was no public safety issues at this point they are going to be processing the crime and interviewing any witnesses to see if there is any surveillance. >> reporter: we have learned that both officers fired their weapons in this case with no word on whether the man who was shot had that gun with him at the time. that is still under investigation. one of the questions we did ask is at least one other person from the car was detained as well. officers are looking to review to see if they capture that encounter. coming back right now you can see these two vehicles seem to be the focus of the current investigation in the last 10 minutes or so we have seen
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investigators taking photographs of these two police vehicles in the area. it is not clear if this is the vehicle being used by the officers involved in the shooting. we are still looking for more information from fremont police. you heard from the officer earlier that they anticipate this investigation will go all day long and they are saying they anticipate speaking with the officers involved in that shooting sometime later this afternoon. >> christien kafton , thank you. police in newark would like your help to solve the first homicide of the year for the city. a man was shot saturday afternoon instead of a car at a grocery outlook store parking lot and newark boulevard. there is very few details but pull but police may leave the victim was targeted. if you have information, call newark police. the chp needs more information about a drive-by
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shooting on saturday on highway 4 about 3:30 saturday afternoon . the chp said the women who was wounded in the leg was one of two panhandlers in the area at the time. she was taken to the hospital and then released. it is not clear right now what led up to the shooting with so far no arrests made. in one hour neil gorsuch will be sworn in. already he was sworn in at a private ceremony at the supreme court with chief justice john roberts administering the oath followed by a public ceremony with anthony kennedy presiding. all of this followed the battle in the senate that prompted republicans to use the nuclear option which is something many call unfortunate. >> both democrats and republicans have lain here. they have handled things in a way that should not have been done.
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we should not change our rules to accomplish a purpose. >> gorsuch fills the seat of antonin scalia. gorsuch will immediately be involved in the court business with a couple months left in the correct term. some of the problems with fire inspections in oakland maybe because of computer problems. that is according to a new report. the paper said oakland 's fire prevention bureau has an older database and the city is not paid for computer upgrades. they are in charge of building inspections. the ghost ship warehouse fire was not on the database and no one from the fire department has ever conducted a formal inspection. in egypt two terrible bombings at christian churches. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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reporter doug luzader has more from washington >> reporter: more than three dozen worshipers killed in the coptic christian church attacks in egypt raising questions about u.s. policy in the middle east. on a church in egypt was a stream in a palm sunday service when it was struck. the aftermath was gruesome with what was supposed to be a day to celebrate. it was one of two attacks and one of the assailants was captured on camera before a second explosion. from president trump a response on twitter -- so sad to hear of the terrorist attack in egypt. i have great confidence that president lcc -- president el- sisi will hinder it properly -- will handle it properly. >> reporter: there was the u.s. attack last week on a syrian airfield as a response to bashar assad use of chemical
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weapon and this week secretary of state rex tillerson travels to russia. the top item on the agenda will be syria and the russian support of god with the initiation now speaking openly of regime change. >> russia should ask themselves what are we doing here and why are we supporting this regime that is committing murder of its own population and using heinous weapons? >> reporter: this will be a delicate dance for the secretary of state in russia this week. russia was seen as a potential ally in dealing with assad but now all that's may be off. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> the u.s. airstrike in syria is making gas prices rise in the u.s. with prices nine cents nationwide higher than two weeks ago. the national average is $2.43 and unless all prices
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go down soon, expect gas prices to go up even more. >> honestly, it doesn't really cross your mind and tell you are usually paying $30 and then it goes up. >> if we are going up to four dollars i don't know what i will do because i'm in school so i might as well just put the car away. >> san francisco has some of the highest gas prices in the country averaging $2.01 -- $3.01. in san jose it is about three dollars. dozens of nfl players may be hit. coming up the athletes who could be in trouble after a las vegas competition. >> you know there is one day when you don't mind getting up early to see the sunrise and that is opening day of the baseball season. we have a live report coming up. cloudy skies in the morning,
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back. it is 7:13. today is the day many giants fans have been waiting for with the home opener. >> we have extensive team coverage live at at&t park. for you to do it i know it is a special occasion. >> and you look good, joe. >> reporter: you guys were not working until midnight last night like i was. i am happy to do that on opening day. we were just reminiscing with the giants executive director offensive operations. mario, i know you are a city guy and there is always something special about opening day but you started here as a bat boy
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and in that capacity you got a chance to do something very interesting. >> i did. it was in august 1973 that i started as a bad boy for the visiting teams but that was when willie mays played for the mets in his last game was a sunday but he did not come out for batting practice record for the game started he came out to the right-field wall and walked across the ballpark and he asked me to play catch. i never forgot that. i was 12 or 13 years old and he and i still talk about that because i say don't throw too hard any promises he won't but believe me, it was coming hard. >> reporter: so mario has played catch with willie mays. i think people dreamed of what this might be back in 2001
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opened but the giants own it free and clear. how many straight days of sellout? this really has become a gem of all ballparks. >> we have 30,000 season-ticket holders this year. this ballpark is beautiful. we never thought we would be in a place like this. it really is just something special. here we are in this beautiful ballpark by the bay in downtown san francisco but this connection with our fans and players is something that is really special. it is opening day and the best day of the year, absolutely. >> and you pointed out looking at the right-field there is something new and surprises on opening day as well? >> if you are coming out to the ballpark, come out early. it is going to be busy down here but be in your seat by 1:00 because we have a few surprises.
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as you are talking about last year we started this tradition with our giants victory flag and we played tony bennett i left my heart in san francisco with a flagpole now on top so every time we have victory that song plays and we will raise the giant flag. your hoping today is the first day we get to give it a shot. >> i cannot help but noticing i remember when this ballpark opened ever thought it would be in triple digits but in the 18th season only 71 home players have hit the ball into the bay. >> there is something about the marine air, i guess. but you talk about this is not an easy place to hit home runs. but very did a good job of it when he was here. >> reporter: and the fact that a catcher was the first guy to
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hit the triple here and then you remember opening day against the dodgers by one guy and it just didn't play an indication of why it would play the expect that is true and what is amazing is this is our 18th season here with daytime flying by and the ballpark still feels brand-new. it is just i don't know there's something about it. maybe we will have a few today. >> reporter: as a guy who grew up in the city, we weren't sure we would ever see a world series , and you guys saw three. >> this time of the year everyone is nervous about the first week. it will be a great season, and there is nothing better than this time of the year because everything's they are going to win the world series and it all starts at home today. >> reporter: mario who once
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played catch with willie mays always fun to chat with you. >> joe fonzi, thank you. the giants are changing the reentry policy expect they will not allow internet privileges of the game begins. they say it will keep people safe. >> what do you think of that change? do you think it makes sense? maybe you would never think of leaving? >> i didn't know expect tell us what you think and what you know. you can take it with right now on the ktvu twitter page we also love to read your comments on our ktvu facebook page. >> all right. let's get you to where you need to go with allie rasmus watching our commute. >> i do not know you could not go in and out of the stadium. anyway let's take a look at what traffic is looking like
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because things are improving let's start with a picture of 88 zero white pass the oakland coliseum -- right past the oakland coliseum. there was an earlier problem with 880 northbound with the tennyson offramp. a truck had lost its load and hit another car. this is about 45 minutes ago that this came in with both vehicles on the shoulder and things clearing up. you can see the impact it is having north and southbound. right near their is the summit -- there is the san mateo bridge. this me because of a crash that just popped up on the san mateo bridge where it connects to 101 south. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza things are getting busier and it is looking like a 20 minute delay. it is a 7:19, and i will send
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it over to steve. >> thank you, allie. we have a morning event of cloudy skies with light rain to the north. one clouds and after and sun tomorrow sun then clouds and the best opportunity for us over the next five days or rain slick wednesday into early thursday cloudy and mostly cloudy at at&t right now but then at 1:00 we will have low 60s. here is today mr. donning downer . have the opportunity monday when will we be able to plant our tomato plants? not yet. it looks pretty cool here so just hang in. i still think we have some chilly temperatures and rain. look who got weather.
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congratulations. even better a couple systems here one this morning was not a big deal cloudy with rain moving in tuesday night with a better system tuesday and thursday. the water here is october 1 and anyway you look at it everybody is doing very well with santa rosa 58.8 inches of water this year. 178% of normal. 27.52 in oakland and even san jose in the rain shadow. i know there is areas not far away that have more than that, but everybody is doing quite well. there is that weak system with light rain and now low clouds. we will get some sunshine here in the late morning with not a lot left here.
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the next system looks impressive but it is aiming toward northern california with both parties with livermore and palo alto at 4 degrees. santa clara and morgan hill and gilroy at 39. 35 ed golder creek and a cool 40 degrees. probably mostly sunny skies this afternoon that staying in the 60s when the coast with the next seven days any rain? there is some rain but it is favoring santa rosa north. it does look like saturday through sunday evening the next system will give us some rain. 50s and 60s although this week does look more quiet than last week and i don't think these temperatures will budge much at all. a lot of clouds north of the goal and kate with enough rain. thursday looks like the best
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opportunity. >> thank you, steve. still ahead, stanford students on alert as they return to class and what police have to say about the two incidents that happened minutes apart and what is happening with security on campus. san francisco city leaders considering a bill that could affect your next take-out order and how your health may also be affected.
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students in stanford are told to be careful this morning after two sexual assaults. the police are visible in both women are grouped by a bald wightman 5'6" -- white man 5'6". chandler police are not saying if the incidents are related. the most ridges we spoke with are concerned. >> it is a little scary
7:26 am
thinking that they could be just a student in one of my classes. so you just never know. >> i have gotten many emails regarding sexual battery on campus. i think it is definitely a problem that has yet to be addressed. >> the stanford police suggest students walk together and only unlighted pathways. 23-year-old dylann roof was convicted of shooting nine people in h south carolina church and is expected to plead guilty today. he will plead guilty to nine counts of murder as part of a deal with prosecutors in exchange for a life prison sentence. it will also spare his victims and families the burden of a second trial. he was convicted of 33 federal charges last year and was
7:27 am
sentenced to death. at home a new bill could make california the nation's first state to ban chemicals linked to cancer from take-out containers. it would ban fast food from using packages and containers with the chemicals. they help keep the packaging from making liquids but they can also be spread to the food. keeping a watch on the capsize on friday. how much oil has spilled into the bay and how it could take weeks to know. opener in just a few hours. they will square off against the diamondbacks with a preview of the game here in san francisco and what you can expect if you are coming down to the ballpark. and traffic on the san mateo bridge is not going if
7:28 am
you're heading west. we will tell you why and it's because of an incident that happened on the other side of the bridge coming up. don't let those clouds were you over at&t. we have a nice forecast staying on the cool side.
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a gorgeous sunrise on this gorgeous monday that happens to be the giants home opener. we are with joe fonzi and they all raised their hands first when it came to this big assignment with a lot of people inside ktvu and the field looks great. let's see if the giants can turn things around today. i would sing in the shower or join the commercial another but never when we are on. thank you for joining us. i am gasia mikaelian .
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>> and the gasia is a great singer. good morning. i am dave clark. we are talking about your weather for the home opener and everything else. >> some clouds, but they will be gone like this. some low clouds is all that is left of this system falling apart as it moves east and south. congratulations, journey, on the rock 'n roll hall of fame. we have topaz coming on probably one of the first journey songs ever. crank that bad boy up. easterday rain with easter evening rain. is the rain stopped right now, there will be a flower explosion. we already have one of the best in years in the desert and it is not stopping in april. mostly cloudy in the morning and
7:32 am
upper 50s with low 60s. we had some rain this morning earlier in sonoma county and into lake county. the low clouds continue to just drift across, but by 10:00 most of that will be gone. the next system is heading north with clouds and rain by tuesday evening. 40s and even 50 at the oakland airport with many 30s east and south. 40s for many and 48 after the morning clouds and mostly sunny skies. the next system racing right along. 50s and 60s after a tragic mourning on all right, allie . >> we will show the slow san mateo picture to you because these are kind of moving at a crawl westbound for the peninsula.
7:33 am
it may be because of a crash that happened just on the other side of the bridge. there is a report of a car and the budget rental truck that got into a wreck right before that interchange tying things up in that area. in the south bay a couple of crashes have popped up with the lower end of your screen having the hamilton on went to northbound 17 with the report of a rear end collision. taking a look at 24 westbound to the caldecott tunnel things are getting crowded and it is definitely busier on this road than it was a week ago. the bay bridge toll plaza is also looking slow this morning although the carpool lanes are moving pretty smoothly. if you have the option of a casual carpool or it might make your drive easier. let's go back to the desk. today's the day many
7:34 am
baseball fans have been waiting for. >> it is the home opener for the giants with ktuv's alex savidge inside the at&t park. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you . happy opening day with baseball bat here in san francisco. -- with baseball back here in san francisco. this is the best seat in the house here at at&t park with the upper deck out in right field and the get that view. you have a perfect view of the field looking out across the bay as the sun begins to rise this morning with the giants back in town and also the bay bridge as well in the san francisco skyline. we are hanging out. staci slaughter with the san francisco giants and vice president of communications. thanks for hanging out appear.
7:35 am
opening day here at the ballpark and first pitch against the diamondbacks. let's first talk about the players on the field and they struggled so far, but it is early pick >> we like to say it is a marathon not a sprint. we had a great win yesterday in the team hit really well with their first home run. we are starting to kick it in gear.'s back they are facing off once again for you. i think the giants can handle them and let's talk about what is going to be different this year at the ballpark. we have new food options and we have revamped some of the areas where the fans can hang out in left field. >> we always tried to do some new improvement to the ballpark. this is our 18th season. we have reconfigured the fan lot with still the famous coke bottle in the children's
7:36 am
playing field moving it over and trade in the toyota fan zone, which will be a great gathering place during the game with live music and ghirardelli has a new stand so you can grab a hot fudge sundae. that is just one of the things that we have done work >> and as we bring you back here to a live picture we want to talk about some of these giveaways. this is an important one on those chilly nights at the ballpark. this is the buster hug blanket. so buster can sort of wrap you up and keep you warm. also the window cleaning doll clings onto anything. don't fall there, hunter. you do have all sorts of festivities today. and of the national anthem will be
7:37 am
performed by the cast of "hamilton". any other surprises? >> we're asking fans to arrive by 1:00 and we have the famous painter david who will create a work of art on the field. and we have the cast of "hamilton" singing the national anthem, and we have a few other attributes and surprises for first pitch that we will not reveal but we are asking fans to get her early. we are excited about the season. sometimes we get turned back so definitely go to the website and see what tickets are available. we have some great promotions all week. >> the gates open here at at&t park at 11:00 this morning.
7:38 am
it is going to be a fantastic day already starting to warm up here and getting things already for the first game in san francisco. it should be good and i don't know, gasia, do you want this blanket? >> yes i do. >> reporter: absolutely. >> looking good. alex savidge, thank you. san francisco is adding service for the giants game and also for all of the home game expect in addition to the subway lines there will be metro ballpark shuttles. the extra service will start two hours before gametime and continue 20 minutes after the first pitch providing service until 6:00 tonight. city leaders are encouraging bicyclists to the designated bike lanes and bike parking is available on the south side of the ballpark. the search goes on for a
7:39 am
former atlanta braves star missing and i'm talking about otis nixon who played 17 years in the big leagues and was last seen saturday morning to play golf. he played 17 years in the majors but he also has had a history with drugs. he most recently was arrested in 2013 on drug charges. the nfl is looking into an arm wrestling contest in las vegas. navarro bowman was among those reportedly taking part. they say the problem is the event was held at the mgm grand casino which violates the gambling policy of the league. the nfl said if it had been consulted it would appoint at the problem. it is 7:39. a historic day at the white house in just minutes judge neil gorsuch will be sworn in
7:40 am
as the supreme court justice in a public ceremony and we will bring it to you at 8:00. changes, joe caltrans schedule and what you need to know before you head out the door. let's show you a picture of northbound 280 and san jose. there is two others to tell you about with the details coming up. a weak system and overall except for partly cloudy skies we are good to go for a cool monday.
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welcome back. it is 7:42. work crews in berkeley are busy
7:43 am
cutting down a treat that toppled down often it. ktuv's cristina rendon is here to tell us what is going on now. good morning. >> reporter: folks in this neighborhood are waking up to the sound of chainsaws as crews continue to work to cut down a massive tree that fell on this powerline last night knocking out electricity to nearly 2000 people. it came down on canyon road around 8:00. it is right next to memorial stadium and the property owner said he was getting ready to go to bed when he heard a loud boom and another resident described the sound being similar to a firecracker. he said the recent rains play a factor in this fall. >> the treat was doing -- they were doing cleanup work and we had spoken to them about the tree. they had said it could potentially fall and they
7:44 am
thought it was pretty safe. that would have been about one year ago. in the last year. >> reporter: they said they were initially close to 2000 people close to power out last night. they hope to have power restored to everyone by 18: 30 tonight -- 8:30 tonight. if you do plan to come down to memorial stadium, keep in mind that canyon road is closed off with many having to head back in the other direction. >> all right, cristina rendon, thank you. we are waiting for an update on that barge that capsized friday south of the bay bridge. in the king fuel that -- a leaking fuel that said there is
7:45 am
no additional sign. the barge is capable of carrying 4000 gallons of diesel and 300 gallons of hydraulic fluid but we do not know how fall they were when the vessel capsized. it is used for maintenance. the last time we checked it is still out in the water and the coast guard said it is impossible to know how much spilled until they lived the boat and let me take weeks. there was an emergency landing in modesto by alaska airlines flight. a warning light indicated a possible fire in the flight was heading to san diego when the fire extension system was activated and it turns out there was no fire. >> we had no visible signs of fire on the inside of the plan. we were getting a heat source in the cargo area but after
7:46 am
investigation we found it was just normal operations of the plan expect they think a bad signal have triggered the morning. dr. torres airlines trying to get its operations back to normal today with bad weather counseling many flights over the past week. bad weather at the delta atlanta hub has effective operations since last wednesday. the cancellations come on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year with spring breakers trying to get to their destinations. >> we missed our 24 year anniversary first ever carnival cruise to the bahamas. >> the boat left. >> one family in florida said when delta was looking for volunteers to give up flights they were able to get more than $4000 in gift cards for a family of three and they did it again the next day received $11,000 in gift cards into two
7:47 am
days. a sheriff's deputy recovering after a suspected drunk driver ran head-on into his patrol car. it happened right in front of the fireside inn on shoreline highway. the other driver lost control going around a curve and then smashing into the car of the deputy. the deputy was treated for minor injuries and investigators did arrest justin satterfield who was facing charges. witnesses told police a lexus driver was speeding southbound on 280 when he hit another car. that car flipped over but the only person inside was not seriously hurt. then it hit a honda and that driver was so hurt he cannot get out of the car. >> this was a spectacular
7:48 am
collision in many did stop and many did go to try to get him out and unfortunately they were unsuccessful. >> chp identified the driver as jerry tram of san jose. both he and his passenger were taken to the hospital. they are expected to survive. tram was then arrested. today there will be changes to the caltrans schedule. it will affect your morning and evening commute and they are being made to make it easier for passengers to connect with public transit. that work is focused on electrifying the rails for a look at all of the schedule changes go over to . let's go back to allie rasmus to check our commute. >> we're going to start with the south bay with a couple issues. let's take a look at the map in
7:49 am
san jose. we have the hamilton on-ramp crash with a rear end collision out of the screen. what you're looking at here is a crash on montague expressway and 82 car wreck blocking the fast lane. also something to be aware of is this westbound 237 where it can next -- connects at 880. chp says a lot of cars or swerving so definitely be aware of that if you are going to the northbound south bay. further north through the oakland area you can see it is getting slow toward the downtown oakland and also taking a look at the east short freeway your drive is about 40 minutes with some earlier crashes on westbound 80 in hercules area which has been resolved.
7:50 am
this freeway is typically slow anyway. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza slow going to get onto the span probably taking 20 minutes to get through that mess but if you are looking in the carpool lane you should have an easy drive in. it is 7:50, and i will send it over to steve. >> we have mostly cloudy skies with a weak system moving across losing a lot of umph as it does. northern sonoma county and parts of mendocino county and it is overcast in richardson bay idc a few breaks in those clouds. thomas smith is in san jose with 41 degrees. it is chilly and the visible forecast is mostly cloudy in the morning and mostly sunny this afternoon with low 60s.
7:51 am
speaking of san francisco, today is 60 and 49. the record not that long ago in the record low 1927 when it was a cool 40. you can see that system just falling apart up north and some couple breaks but we will start out with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies in the system will drag across. there is a series of systems which will continue to take aim not looking at any high pressure . there'll be a lot of clouds this week is for these and up to 50s and some of that cloud cover coming in with little more saying 39. san ramon is now both parties and walnut creek is 43 with martinez at 46. southwest will have a little breeze today and temperatures staying near the 60s here with
7:52 am
42 in sacramento and 50 down in blake. 52 in las vegas with 62 in los angeles. it is pretty quiet is not that warm in southern california. this system is tracking toward the north and it will drag across the north bay tomorrow. overall the next seven days there will be a system on wednesday night and thursday that looks okay with santa rosa north and then a break right after saturday. late sunday afternoon that system roles in by this time next week. the point is we keep it going and there is no sign of that letting up with 50s and 60s in the temperatures which are stuck here for a while. i don't really see any changes on the highs. you will have all in on rain. >> we got it.
7:53 am
forget about taking your crying baby for a drive at 3:00 in the morning. at 8:00 the new invention by ford which could help with those sleepless nights. plus, it triathlon in napa takes unexpected -- unexpected turn and were some of these had a hard time finishing the race.
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7:55 am
three astronauts are ready to come home to earth. today a sealed of the spacecraft and they spent 173 days in space. they are expected to land today. dozens of people took part in the napa valley triathlon and were treated for hypothermia. one race participant climbed onto a bike after swimming in lake berryessa and then went down while riding on knoxville road.
7:56 am
once one bicyclist with down, the others were advised to stop to warm up. former president bill clinton visited another former president posted this photo showing him visiting with george h.w. bush in houston. mrs. clinton is giving a pair of socks to mr. bush who is in a wheelchair. they talk about children and reminisced about the past. a bounce house went airborne at a church carnival in greenville, south carolina. it was anchored down but a gust of wind lifted it up sending the children flying. you can see some of that happening with the inflatable slide also bring in down two power lines. >> these fortunately were dead when they hit the ground or we would've had fatalities. there is no telling what could have happened. >> four of the wounded children were taken to the hospital.
7:57 am
we continue to follow news in fremont with a man shot and killed overnight. what police spotted just moments before opening fire. more followed from the u.s. airstrike in syria and the latest coming up. >> traffic looks okay in most spots. coming up a little bit more about what is going on and right now this is oakland with both directions looking good. a cold front giving us low clouds and plenty of sun breaks. it looks pretty good for the giants home opener.
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7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. a historic day in washington, d.c. with josh neil gorsuch about to be sworn in for the second time this morning. >> in the sun slowly starting to shine. baseball back in san francisco at the 2017 home opener. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2 . >> welcome back. it is a monday april 10. i am dave clark picks back i am gasia mikaelian. we have mike milbach in san francisco but first we will talk to steve about the weather. >> it looks good. some sun is already coming out and buy one -- and by 1:00 i am
8:01 am
not too concerned. upper 50s and low 60s with the northwest at 20 miles-per-hour. the average is pretty close with 1988 the record high and some light rain in the north. now all that is left is this system and it is falling apart as it moves east with mostly sunny weather today and a chill in the air with 40s and 50s already especially on woodside and now the low 40s with san carlos at 47. here is a little bit of clouds this morning and this system is bringing us more clouds tomorrow but not today. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. allie tells us what? >> first we are going to westbound 80 because this just
8:02 am
popped up. let's show you the traffic map. this is just east of hilltop drive near the offramp with the vehicle blocking the right lane. that is making things a little slow heading west down through richmond going way down south to the south bay with three different incidents. now they have gotten most of those crashes cleared out of the way accept montague expressway with a two-car crash and a tow truck in the area trying to move things out of the way. things look pretty good on westbound 24 although it is a bit crowded. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza things improving probably a 15 minute delay to get on to the band. let's go back to the desk. just neil gorsuch is having a second swearing-in ceremony this morning at the white house.
8:03 am
we are giving you a live look through a window. earlier this morning he was sworn in as a private ceremony with john roberts and ministering the ones. that will be followed by a public ceremony and we do see president donald trump walking out during the ceremony we do expect anthony kennedy to preside. as we get ready to listen to the president speak and hold the public swearing-in you can see a number of people gathered up on trying to capture the moment. we will take a moment here and listen in to the president. >> thank you, very much. thank you. thank you very much. friends and distinguished guests, welcome to the white house. we are gathered here today for a truly momentous occasion in our democracy. the swearing in
8:04 am
of a united state supreme court justice. in particular, i am greatly honored to welcome to these grounds every sitting justice of the united states supreme court. welcome. thank you. it is a privilege to have a here and join in this historic moment in the rose garden. spring is the perfect backdrop because today we are in a process and also rebuilding our country. a new optimism is sweeping across our land, and any faith
8:05 am
in america is filling our hearts and lifting our site. i would also like to recognize senator cory gardner, mike lee, and mike crapo. thank you very much for all your work. and although he could not bear today, i want to express our gratitude to senator mitch mcconnell for all that he did to make this achievement possible. thank you. i would also like to give my appreciation to chairman grassley for conducting such a fair and professional confirmation.
8:06 am
where is senator grassley? thank you. thank you, senator. finally, a profound thank you to lewis corset and to all of the gorusch and family. thank you . and louise , i know what a total inspiration you are to your husband and your entire family. thank you very much. we are here to celebrate history and the taking of the judicial else by the newest member of the united states supreme court , neil gorsuch. i just wanted to congratulate you and your entire family.
8:07 am
it is something so special. in fact, i've always heard that the most important thing that a president of the united states does is appoint people to hopefully great people to the united states supreme court, and i can say this is a great honor. [ applause ] and i got it done in the first 100 days. you think that these -- that is easy? this ceremony has special meaning as justice course which -- louise -- as justice gorsuch is filling the spot of antonin scalia and justice scalia was a patriot who repaired our constitution. he was beloved by many who are
8:08 am
here today, and he is deeply missed by all of us. i want to out of this time recognize his incredible wife more rain -- maureen, who are caught to know very well. please stand. thank you very much. thank you. americans are blessed to have in neil gorsuch a man who will be a devoted servant of the law and in the past two months the american people have got into truly admire the newest member of the supreme court. in justice gorsuch they see a man of great integrity. they see a man of unmatched qualifications and most of all and most importantly they see a
8:09 am
man who is deeply faithful to the constitution of the united state's. he will decide cases based on not his personal preferences but based on a fair and objective reading of the law. today we have all three branches of government represented at this event. it is a very special thing, and a very special happening. and it is worth taking just a minute to remember what it all means. in our founders' wisdom, they gave each branch of government a different role in our great republic. we have a congress to read the laws in behalf of the people. we have a president to enforce those laws and a supreme court to apply and interpret the law
8:10 am
in a fair and impartial manner when the disagreements arise. the founders separated power because they knew it was the best way to protect our citizens and keep our constitution secure . justice gorsuch, you are now entrusted with the sacred duty of defending our constitution. our country is counting on you to be wise, impartial, and fair. to serve under our laws and not over them and to safeguard the right of the people to cover their own affairs. i have no doubt you will rise to the occasion and that the decisions you will make will not only protect our constitution today but for many generations of americans to
8:11 am
come. in just a moment justice gorsuch will be sworn in by justice kennedy a great man of outstanding accomplishment throughout his 30 years on the supreme court justice kennedy has been raised by all for his dedicated and dignified service. we owe him an endless debt of gratitude and i am honored that he is with us today. [ applause ] this is a very special moment because many years ago a young neil gorsuch started his legal career as a clerk to justice kennedy. it is a fitting testament to justice kennedy's impact that
8:12 am
upon giving the l to justice course which he will be -- giving the oath to justice gorsuch who will be the first to serve with one of his former law partner's. it has never happened before. it also shows you have a lot of respect for this man. we are thrilled to share this moment with justice kennedy and all of you here today and with all americans watching us at home. justice gorsuch, i congratulate you and your entire family, and i wish god's blessings on your amazing journey ahead. i have no doubt you will go down as
8:13 am
one of the truly great justices in the history of the united states supreme court. i know invite justice kennedy to say a few words. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, mr. president. mr. chief justice and my fellow adherents to the idea of the rule of law as many of you know, there are two shook ones that a member must take in the first is the constitutional oath that applies to all three branches of the government. the second applies just to federal judges. both of the elves -- oaths date
8:14 am
from the founding of the republic. they remind us that we as a people are bound together. we find our self-definition and respect and heritage and destiny in the constitution. and so justice gorsuch, there is one oath remaining for you to take before you may receive and accept your commission from the president of the united states. are you ready to take the oath? are you ready to take the oath, justice gorsuch? please rise right hand and repeat after me.
8:15 am
i, neil and neil gorsuch do solemnly swear that i will administer justice without respect to persons and do equal right to the poor and to the rich. and that i will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as associate justice of the supreme court of the united states under the constitution and laws of the united states so help me god. congratulations. >> you're watching a live family in the white house rose garden as we see the newest supreme
8:16 am
court justice being sworn in by his former boss, justice anthony kennedy at 14 years old judge gorsuch is the youngest nominee since clarence thomas when he was confirmed at 43. no doubt president trump and many look forward to him serving for decades as the ceremony continues we are bringing it to you over on ktvu plus and following the subelements. >> we will take a break and be right back. businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
8:17 am
businessman 1: yea, yea, know what i'm craving right now? businessman 1: (over speaker) --guacamole and bacon. audio tech: we got a craving! go go go!!! music: crashing cravings in the crave van. jack's gonna crash your crave!
8:18 am
jack: hey guys, try my guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich with all white meat chicken, guacamole and pepperjack cheese. businessman 1: thanks jack.... wait. we're on the 18th floor. how did you get here? jack: hard work. jack vo: you crave it, we serve it. try my new guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich. music: crave van! it is a big day for giant fans because the home opener is finally here. >> ktvu has team coverage first mike mibach and joe fonzi down there. how is it going? >> reporter: fired up and ready
8:19 am
to go. one of my favorite days of the year really since growing up here in the bay area especially those high school days i would save a sick day for a particular game. just standing on the field bringing back memories with my wife nine months pregnant and she was concerned about having the baby at the park and i said i am sure they have good medical staff here. my son never came that day so his birthday coming up seven years ago. joe fonzi, come on in. when we talk about opening day memories, what about for you? >> reporter: i just learned a lot about you i did not know before. it is always nice to reflect and this will sound like i'm 100 years old but the first one i ever worked professionally was 1996 when the giants had
8:20 am
just been saved from a moved to toronto. it was astroturf and bobby mercer hit a home run and that was the first one i ever worked. i think they had 30,000 fans that game. we are going to bring in a guy right now who was the director of field operations and you don't have the astroturf to deal with but i look at this field and it is just about perfect. what do you guys do? it is pretty much a year-round job to keep this field. >> it really is. everyone knows about our 81 home game. we really have a lot of even as well. this is a year-round venue. >> what is the biggest challenge with the in season concerts? that was make you cringe when you see people on the field?
8:21 am
>> it does, but we have a really good team here and be plan a lot all the details so we can get rest at night. >> reporter: what are some of the things you guys do? you have some paint on the field for opening week and then you have to do that and i notice these guys on the infield i am sure the players like the field a certain way. >> we are very fortunate with one behind the plate and so we just try to maintain the field. >> do they ever give you thanks? >> every now and again we will get some positive feedback and that is always good. >> there is a famous story 1962 with the mvp of the giants and
8:22 am
the dodgers and actually they were in the world series that year but he was the manager and he used to direct the ground crews to keep it as weather as possible. did you ever get complaints from visiting players who say it is a little too hard? >> not really. i guess everything is a little more standardize and people don't really take that home- field advantage to that degree anymore. hopefully everyone enjoys playing. >> i know that people love to see the way the place looks and that is a big thanks to you. thanks for taking a minute with us. >> happy opening day. >> reporter: same to you. >> i want to run the bases. the last home game the giants had coming into 2017 they had a
8:23 am
rough week on the road. you would expect them back in the playoffs this year. >> reporter: they certainly feel they should be competitive the whole time. i think right now they want to say seven games does not make the season you can come out here and run the bases later on in the year. we have a busy morning for you guys with larry any little bit and alex savidge is getting in trouble somewhere. we will check back in with him. sending it back to you at the studio. >> thank you. we continue to follow developing news in fremont with a man shot and killed by police. what officer spotted moments before they opened fire. in the middle of a storm destiny struck.
8:24 am
did may imagine april showers bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. we have allie rasmus helping us get us where we need to go. >> thank you. we will start on the east bay because if you take a look at the map you can see it is pretty slow with a lot of red just past 24. we don't know if it is because of a traffic hazard with a report something is stuck in the roadway just north of south main street. so be aware of that if you are driving in the area. 24 through lafayette is getting a little better than it was a half-hour ago toward the
8:27 am
caldecott tunnel and san mateo bridge also pretty crowded this morning but at least traffic is moving smoothly. at one point it was pretty slow. 280 incentive -- san jose looks pretty good and it is a stack 27. let's go back to a stack 27 -- it is 8:27. >> the system is falling apart and has low clouds and not much left now. zoe evans partly cloudy skies will give way to 50s and 60s on those temperatures and the average is 63. since july 1 clear lake has received 38.23 inches of rain and you can look at santa rosa with 58.48. even oakland and san francisco
8:28 am
well above 100%. there is a load cloud deck and we see the system is slowly making its way east. 40s on the temperatures with some 30s this morning and the next system heading to the north with all the cloud cover and rain. today 60s and low 60s closer to the water edge. we are all looking for temperatures to stay in the 60s this week. >> thank you. a big tree in berkeley toppled down and up next with the workers are doing right now to clean it up.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
welcome back to mornings on 2 . we are still following a story in fremont where a man was shot and killed by police overnight. it started just after 11:30 pm last night. east bay regional police say a car with several people was pulled over by police. the police officers sought a gun in the car and one man ran away into the parking lot of a nearby walgreens where he was shot and killed by police officers. we do not know how many shots were fired or of the suspects fired shots at police. the investigation continues. a man accused of shooting a richmond woman in front of her children will appear in court. prosecutors plan to charge him with first-degree murder. last tuesday mcbride drove up to the car of his ex-girlfriend
8:32 am
and then killed her. her two young sons were in the back of the car. mcbride was arrested the next day and remains in custody on bail. welcome back to mornings on 2 this monday. i am gasia mikaelian . >> and i am dave clark and we have steve paulson looking at your weather. >> a little bit of cloud cover but it will not impact the home opener. upper 50s and low 60s so we don't have to worry about the precipitation. we have the low clouds continuing to work their way over the bay with not much left of this system. a few high clouds but overall 50s and some 30s this morning. mostly sunny and upper 50s with low 60s. it is taking aim toward northern california and
8:33 am
morning clouds with 50s and 60s. here's an update on the traffic with allie . >> i will start with the south bay because we have one issue we have been following. this has popped up showing up as two separate crash icons, but i believe it is the same item. disses northbound 85 south of the saratoga on-ramp. it appears that a tow truck is on the way so hopefully they are in the process of getting that cleared up. it is slow pass the oakland coliseum and no major incidents to tell you about just the usual morning congestion and from the macarthur maze it will take you about 30 minutes so not too bad with the bay bridge toll plaza still fairly slow this morning. it has been pretty steady to
8:34 am
get on with the carpool lane moving quickly if that is an option for you. let's go back to the desk. it is opening day at the giants ballpark. alex savidge is live with more of what we can expect on opening day. >> reporter: good morning. they haven't opened the ballpark to fans yet but there is a lot of faithful here early this morning getting ready all geared up for the big game. we are just hours away from the home opener in san francisco with the diamonds facing off against the diamondbacks's. you can see the ground crew getting everything ready to go with a beautiful day at the ballpark and a light breeze coming from centerfield. matt moore on the mound for the giants rebounding from a tough start on the road in arizona and then san diego.
8:35 am
we talked with some fans including a mother and daughter today for the home opener. they have been doing this for the past 15 years or so. pack it is a special thing we have done for a long time. it is just good energy and it is a fun place to be with a great team and there is great people around. >> it is the beginning of the season and you have so much hope and i have been a giants fan since i was a kid. i suffered through some very bad times but every year i had hoped. this is the year we are going to do well and then we didn't but that is okay. >> it changes your whole mindset.'s back it is home cooking and your own living room. everything is just right when you come back home.
8:36 am
>> reporter: everything is just right into the friendly confines at at&t park where the giants are playing their 17 season here at this ballpark and still the most gorgeous stadium in all of baseball. the first debate -- the first pitch is at 1:35 in the afternoon and the gates will open to the public at 11:00. there could still be some tickets available at the giants website. you will want to get here early with a whole slew of festivities including the national anthem being performed by the cast of hamilton rain. so make sure to get here early. >> all right, alex savidge. thank you. work crews in berkeley are busy cutting up a huge tree that toppled down overnight.
8:37 am
as ktuv's cristina rendon reports it knocked out power to hundreds of people. >> reporter: folks in this neighborhood are waking up to the sound of chainsaws as crews continue to bring down a massive tree that fell. it actually came down on some power lines last night knocking electricity of 2000 people. it fell on canyon road 8:00 sunday night near prospect street right next to memorial stadium on the uc berkeley campus. he was getting ready to go to bed when he heard a loud boom. the owner said it is likely the recent rain and ground that played a factor in this tree falling. >> the cleanup work had done some work for us and we had spoke to him about the tree. they said well, it could potentially fall but they did not recommend taking it down at this time.
8:38 am
that would have been about one year ago or in the last year. >> reporter: they initially had close to 2000 customers without power last night and at last check they say there is 35 customers still without power in estimating electricity will be restored and crews are making progress to bring down the tree but they will likely be here throughout the afternoon. keep in mind that canyon road is closed near prospect street. cristina mendonsa, mornings on 2. the death toll in egypt continues to rise after church bombings. isis claimed responsibility and it is days after a strike on a syrian airbase. doug luzader has the story from washington. >> reporter: more than three dozen worshipers killed in the christian church attack in egypt raising questions about you is policy in the middle east -- u.s. policy in the
8:39 am
middle east. one church was streaming its service when it was hit. the aftermath was gruesome on what was supposed to be a day to celebrate peace one of two attacks. one of the assailants was captured on camera before a second explosion. president trump spent the weekend in florida and gave a response on twitter. i am so sad to hear of the terrorist attack in egypt. i have great confidence that president el-sisi will handle the situation property. the cross currents in the middle east have become extremely complicated. there was the u.s. attack last week on a syrian airfield with the response to the bush our assault use -- bashar assad use of chemical weapons. the administration now speaking much more openly of regime change. >> other countries have to ask
8:40 am
themselves some hard questions. what are we doing here? why are we supporting this mass murder in using the most heinous weapons available? >> this will be a delicate dance for the secretary of state in russia this week. they were seen as an ally and all bets may be off. doug luzader, fox news. it has been two months since record flooding in san jose. we will speak to see what the city is doing to help all those people out.
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:43 am
♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. welcome back to mornings on 2 . still hurting trying to recover after some of the worst flooding. >> the mayor of san jose join us from our studio with more on how your city is helping people get back on their feet. so many people said they lost everything. >> good morning, gasia. you are right. we had thousands of families impacted by this flood with still so many displaced and we are working to get them into stable housing. >> and the things they lost
8:44 am
inside their homes. >> i was just talking to a young woman this weekend and a woman has a stable job but she cannot get to it and our ability to transition her from the hotel where we have been paying for vouchers really depends on her ability to get to work and so since we are celebrating this week this is a good time to remind everybody you can get a deduction for donating a used car or van to goodwill. to get the vehicle back and be able to get to work and get to school many of them lost cars in the flooding and many because of poverty cannot afford insurance.'s back there was a public meeting held a couple nights ago. the district heard from a lot of people who are very upset over the little
8:45 am
to no warning receives about the flooding. have you worked anything out about what could happen next time? >> the week the flooding happened this is on the city to fix. he take responsibility for better warning our residents and we have already changed the protocol now for ensuring getting out sooner and warnings differently than we are actually knocking on doors and not simply relying on electronic communications and media. we are changing what we are doing on our end to work with them to see to better warning our residents and that is work that will take several weeks or months. we know that the way of reporting potential flooding is not one that is consistent with helping us to best understand when it is most likely to happen. >> dave clark here. i'm also hearing that some landlords are donating
8:46 am
apartments? >> we have been working hard with landlords to see how we can identify more housing to be able to get families stably housed. we had a crisis before the flood hit and now we have hundreds of families who need housing. we have been taking care of them in hotels and will be closing the shelf it keeping everyone safely housed and what we need to do is get them into stable housing, and that takes quite a bit more. so with private donations we are doing what we can and finding the inventory of apartments is difficult right now. with the help of some apartment owners who have stepped forward that has helped enormously and we will do everything we can to try to get the existing apartments up and running again. >> the mayor of san jose, thank
8:47 am
you for being with us. it is a pleasure to hear from you. >> thank you. >> san jose looks nice behind him. allie, i don't see any rain and that is a good thing for traffic. >> traffic is looking pretty good in the south bay so we will go straight to highway 24 through lafayette which has lightened up a bit. keep in mind as you get beyond the caldecott tunnel near college avenue there is a car partially blocking the right- hand lane in the shoulder. summit for drivers to be aware of. taking a look at the macarthur maze things look good down the east shore freeway in both directions and the bay bridge toll plaza looks pretty good this morning especially those carpool lanes. the golden gate bridge also looking good this morning.
8:48 am
it is a 47 and i will send it over to steve. we have partly to mostly cloudy skies mainly just low clouds with light rain very early this morning and no more reports of toward kelseyville but plenty of low clouds this morning and i am thinking they will start to clear with some sun breaks over at&t. upper 50 and low 60s and at least for the drive. pretty close to average in san francisco and the record high 91 but not today. still a very active pattern for april. the bulk of this system will fall north of santa rosa but today the system is not doing too much anymore. tomorrow bring to the north and the best bet for us here would be late wednesday into thursday and low cloud cover slow to
8:49 am
burn off, but it will eventually and temperatures started off with 30s and 40s. now we are in the 50s with pretty good systems which continues to take aim in california with cloud cover and rain this week. we are slowly warming up with a breeze out of the southwest and onshore push for some. alden road look for a partly sunny morning and tomorrow increasing clouds with 50s and 60s staying cool this week with temperatures not budging much at all. clearing friday and saturday with sunday morning looking okay in the evening not. more on that as we get closer to it. >> thank you. airline passengers stranded in atlanta after bad weather. how one passenger said she and her family made $11,000 when
8:50 am
they cannot catch the flight.
8:51 am
8:52 am
united airlines apologizing for overbooking a flight after a man who refused to give up his seat was dragged off of a plan. this was posted last night on twitter. it was a flight heading to kentucky. united asked for volunteers to give up seats and no one volunteered so the crew said they would randomly choose passengers. the man dragged off the plane said he was a doctor who had patients to see in the morning. he was eventually allowed back on the plane after a two hour delay. an emergency landing in
8:53 am
modesto with a warning light indicating a possible fire. the flight was heading to san diego and the fire suppression system was activated but there was no fire. investigators think a bad signal may have triggered the warning. that weather canceled thousands of flights with severe weather in atlanta affecting operations since last wednesday. the cancellations came on a busy travel week of spring breakers tried to get to their destinations. >> we missed our 24 year anniversary carnival cruise to the bahamas for five days. >> one-family in florida said when they were looking for volunteers they did so and in return got more than $4000 in gift cards. they did it again the next day gave up their seats and ended
8:54 am
up receiving $11,000 in gift cards in just two days. the new department accusing google of pain women less than male counterparts. they say investigation found systemic pay gap differences for women throughout the workforce. the investigation came after a lawsuit was filed to force google to hand over salary information to the government. google denies the accusation in the company said every year we do a robust analysis of pay across genders and have found no gender pay gap. the nfl is looking into an arm wrestling contest in las vegas involving nfl players. san francisco linebacker navorro bowman and marquette king with running back marshawn lynch among those who took part in the competition.
8:55 am
marshawn lynch is considering returning to the nfl. they say the problem is the event was held at the mgm grand casino which violates the gambling policy. the league said if it had been consulted it would have pointed out the problem but the event organizers say they knew about the contest because he tried to get the nfl to participate. >> the deal to make college tuition free and was students have to do to qualify.
8:56 am
8:57 am
welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx ada county sheriff is recovering after a suspected drunk driver ran into him. this happened in mill valley on shoreline highway. the other driver lost control and collided with the deputy who went to a hospital with minor injuries. investigators have arrested justin satterfield who is now
8:58 am
facing dui charges. in san jose one person died yesterday morning. the lexus driver was speeding when he hit another car. the only person inside was not hurt and then the lexus hit a honda. the driver of the honda was so hurt he could not get out of the car. they edited by the driver as a jerry tram of san jose. he and his passenger are expected to survive and tram was arrested. the san francisco lgbt center celebrating after completing a $10 million renovation. [ applause ] they celebrated their 50th anniversary this weekend and managers say it will help make the center more financially stable and increase the ability
8:59 am
to serve more people. mark leno said the community center is a place to celebrate triumph and come together in times of sadness. new york is about to make tuition free from middle-class students. it is part of a new state budget approved sunday. democratic governor andrew cuomo proposed a plan of $163 million. in-state students whose families are in $125,000 a year or less will be eligible and they would have to meet certain class load and grade point average restrictions to qualify. room and board will not be covered. today marks the beginning of passover celebrating the exodus from slavery with the israel preparations including food restrictions.
9:00 am
people line up to watch kitchen utensils become kosher. today at 9:00 we are it at&t park as the giants prepare for a home opener and neil gorsuch sworn in as the new justice of the united states supreme court plus marcus thompson taking a deeper look at a man who they call the golden boy of the golden state warriors . >> we are talking about our baseball experiences and we all put our names in and then mike milbach was the one to get the long . you and joe fonzi are right there on the field this home opener day for the san francisco giants. >> reporter: it was a battle within the newsroom


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